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mailmanAlmost every person in Lansing over 18 years old is aware of lead poisoning and the hazards to human health, whether from lead paint, lead in our gas or from other sources.

On August 29, 2016 Lansing Rod and Glen Club signed a consent order with the EPA (an agreement to abide by rules) to cease-and-desist, after 180 days, from shooting lead bullets into the bank at their premises along Salmon Creek, near Ludlowville. By any account, it's 18 months past those 180 days.

What will it take for the Lansing Town Board to request the federal Environmental Protection Agency to enforce the consent order?

This languishing enforcement, and so many other issues, show that taking time to VOTE for our elected representatives has direct, personal consequences for our lives.

This year the normal Tuesday Primary day has moved to Thursday, September 13, so please take time to vote in the many relevant races for our elected leaders.

We each have an important role in the Lansing of today, stewarding it for future generations.

Michael Koplinka-Loehr
Lansing, NY,
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