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mailmanIt is absolutely disgusting that Governor Cuomo and his Parole Board are once again set to release a convicted, unrepentant murderer back into our community. Marybeth Tinning was convicted of killing her four-month-old daughter, admitted to smothering three of her children, and is suspected of killing another five. She shows no shame or sorrow whatsoever for her actions. Yet, the Governor and Parole Board’s actions are supposed to lead us to believe that she is now a reformed, upstanding citizen who is ready to live among us after only 30 years.

This is an egregious affront to crime victims and families of victims who have suffered way too much already, and it is a slap in the face to those who strive to follow the laws and improve our society. If Governor Cuomo cared as much about our hardworking, law-abiding families as he does about violent, unremorseful criminals, then New York State would be a much better place.

Once again, though, he is putting his political ambitions, desires, and needs above the safety and security of regular New Yorkers. In an election year where Governor Cuomo faces challenges on both sides and realizes people have had enough of his corrupt administration, he nevertheless appears to be willing to do anything to maintain his stranglehold on power; it is reprehensible and repulsive.

Further, Governor Cuomo – through his spokeswoman – accused our corrections officers of raping and assaulting prisoners after NYSCOPBA called him out for favoring felons and parolees. This is an atrocious insult to the many men and women who risk their well being every single day to protect our communities and our residents by guarding these heinous criminals.

Senator Pam Helming
54th Senate District, NY

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