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mailmanI think the answer to the question in your headline last week "Comprehensive Plan Approved – Now What?" is very clear. It's time for the town to hire a full-time planner. Only a full-time planner can guide the town in updating the zoning ordinance, mentioned as the first step in implementing the 93-page document.

Hiring a full-time planner is not a new idea. In May of 2014 about 25 highly-informed town residents spoke to the board presenting their case showing how Lansing would benefit from a full-time planner. Despite their convincing arguments, the town board voted 3-2 against a full-time planner. The members voting against the planner based their votes on costs, despite analyses showing that hiring a full-time planner would actually be more cost effective than the alternative while providing the many extra benefits that only a full-time planner could provide.

A full-time planner made a lot of sense four years ago and it should have been approved then. Now that we're on the verge of implementing a complicated comprehensive plan, it's virtually a necessity.

It's time for Lansing to join the other towns in the county that enjoy the savings and benefits only a full-time planner can provide.

Ted Laux
Lansing, NY
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