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Washington - Congressman Tom Reed, Republican Leader of the Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee, and Republican Members of the Ways and Means Committee highlighted how any reform to Social Security must be bipartisan at today's Improving Retirement Security for American Workers hearing.

Reed emphasized his own personal experience as the youngest of 12 children, raised by a single mother on a Social Security check, and how important this program is for people.

"We are appreciative of Mr. Larson and the leadership he has shown by putting in black and white a plan to achieve Social Security solvency, and we share the common goal of long-term Social Security solvency," Tom said. "However, we must recognize that there will be a difference of opinion in order to make sure this landmark program is around for generations."

Reed questioned Andrew G. Biggs, Resident Scholar at American Enterprise Institute, whether there had ever been any reform in history in which was not bipartisan.

"I have looked back at Social Security reforms that have passed over the years and all of them have been bipartisan with significant support from each side – regardless of what political party was in charge of Congress or the White House at the time," Biggs said.

"Not once in Social Security's nearly 100-year history have changes been made to its solvency that didn't have Republicans and Democrats support in the House," Republican Leader of the Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady said. "Going it alone, forcing one party, solutions will certainly fail."

Congressman Ron Estes highlighted how Congress should focus on bipartisan solutions to strengthen retirement for people following the success of tax reform, which allowed more people to enter the workforce, to improve the ways 401(k)s, private savings, Social Security and other retirement plans work.

"Following on the progress we have made jump-starting the economy, we must look to ways we can help people improve their retirement once their careers are over," Rep. Estes said. "I believe we can work together in bipartisan ways to make these components better for all Americans."

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