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Senator Pamela A. Helming announced the passage of legislation Tuesday that she wrote to allow those who rent property to have the right to display the American flag. The legislation has now passed the Senate unanimously for the second consecutive year. Senator Helming believes that displaying an American flag is not only a way to show patriotism and to support the United State of America, but it is also a right – regardless if you own or rent a property.

"To me, fighting for this bill is simple. It is about American rights. It is incredibly troubling to me that in 2018, in the United State of America, an individual must be granted protections under state law in order to show their patriotism and support of their country. At the end of the day, proudly flying the American flag from your front porch is a freedom of expression and it is a right every American should have. I thank my Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle for passing this legislation unanimously two years in a row, and I hope the Assembly will join the fight," Helming said.

The Federal Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 primarily provides protections for homeowners to display the American flag on their properties. These same protections are not provided in law to those who rent property.

New York has created protections for condominium owners through the state's Condominium Act. While the State has created these protections for condominiums, it has not gone as far as other states such as Ohio and Nevada to create protections for renters. This bill would follow the example of these states and provide for protections to tenants of rental property.

This bill will now be sent to the Assembly.

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