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tcad annual report
On April 25th, TCAD hosted its 2019 Annual Report to the Community event. TCAD's Board of Directors and staff welcomed a full house of community members to the morning event at Coltivare. TCAD's President, Heather McDaniel, shared with attendees a recap of the many successful projects TCAD has been involved with in the past five years and highlighted 2018's accomplishments of 17 new projects, 279 retained jobs, 54 projected new jobs, and $98.7M in new investment.

McDaniel also shared TCAD's projections for the next five years including $33 million in new payroll, $500 million in new capital investment, 3,450 retained jobs, and 550 new jobs.

Thomas G. Garrison, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Ithaca College, was the keynote speaker and gave a fascinating presentation on his research using lidar, a laser-based technology, in the discovery of extensive Maya settlements. He highlighted some of the major discoveries of his project, and explained how Maya archaeology is important for issues concerning us in the present such as climate change.

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