endeavorhouse GiveMeAWayCover
Everlasting Town, an Ithaca-based musical project, has released Give Me A Way, a digital EP whose proceeds will go to support a promising local justice initiative.  Endeavor House, a project of OAR of Tompkins County, provides a safe, sober, and affordable living space for individuals returning to the community from jail or prison.

Says Anita Peebles, OAR's Senior Client Service Worker, "We have been advocating for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated population for over forty years. Endeavor House is currently home to five men, and we are helping them to become more self-reliant and integrate back into the community. We are so grateful for the support of these amazing musicians—the album is fantastic!"

The album's title track was co-written and performed by award-winning Ithaca songsmiths Anna Coogan and Evan D. Williams, who were joined by veteran session players Samuel B. Lupowitz (Noon Fifteen, Thru Spectrums) and Pablo Hopenhayn (Playing for Change, Marco Antonio Solís).

Another track of particular interest is a recording of the first movement of John Cage's 4′33″ that features the "non-performances" of such locally and globally recognized talents as electronic composer Josh Oxford, rapper/producer Sammus, and Bon Iver's Rob Moose.

Produced by Jumpstart Harvey Records in Pony Hollow, New York in association with Hobby-Horse Records in Nashville, Tennessee.