wells Miss Valentine
Aurora, NY - A recent production by the Wells College Theatre Department has been recognized by the Theatre Association of New York State (TANYS). "Miss Valentine," a new original play by Nadine Bernard, was directed by theatre professor Siouxsie Easter and produced in partnership with Broadway producer/artist Ivy Austin and dramaturg Claudia Nolan '12.

TANYS honored the production with the following awards:

  • Meritorious achievement in ensemble acting to the cast of "Miss Valentine"
  • Excellence in costume design to Barbara Murphy
  • Excellence in sound and lighting design to Julie Bacorn '20
  • Meritorious achievement in direction to Siouxsie Easter, professor of theatre

"Miss Valentine"—which centers around Esther Howland, who is credited with bringing the Valentine's Day card to the U.S.—had its world premiere Feb. 14–15 at the Morgan Opera House in Aurora.

In praising the production, the TANYS adjudicator commented: "The Wells College Department of Theatre mixed romance with history with its original piece, 'Miss Valentine' . . . The play, set in the mid 1800s, uses costumes, sets and music to create a remarkably authentic production just right for Valentine's Day."

The Theatre Association of New York State serves college and university theatre departments as well as those of secondary schools, children's theatre and nonprofessional community theatres across the state. Through adjudicating its members' productions, it provides both an opportunity for broader recognition as well as a chance for theatres to hear constructive, objective feedback about their productions. An award for "excellence" means that the individual or ensemble has demonstrated theatrical skill not rountinely noted in non-professional theatre; "meritorious achievement" recognizes that "some advanced theatrical skill" was noted.